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  Our Team

Thermo-Pur Technologies has assembled a team of seasoned professionals
with extensive experience in engineering, research & development, distribution, logistics, quality programs (ISO/AS Certification & Auditing, Six Sigma), sales, operations, marketing, and manufacturing. Our combined backgrounds complement each stage of growth in a company, from small start-ups and
rapid scaling of sound businesses in local and regional markets to the establishment of global footprints. From aerospace and power generation to automotive, industrial, and commercial property development, we have the expertise and experience to minimize project implementation and maximize returns on investment.

A selection of companies our team has significant experience working with
and providing contract services for GE, GE FANUC, GE Supply, Ferguson Enterprises, Boeing, Siemens, Lockwood Greene Engineers, the FDIC and Automotive Companies.

Our team is well suited to work closely with your engineers and design
teams to provide a game-changing technology for your product line.

JEFF HESLA, B.B.A., Business & Marketing

VICTOR KENT, M. A., Gas Turbines, PG., Metallurgy
Vice President, Manufacturing

DEE WOOD KIVETT, M.S., Engineering Science, B.S.,
Mechanical Engineering, MBA
Director of Quality, Logistics and Motor sports

ALEXANDER BELOKON, Ph.D., Gas Dynamics & Plasma Physics,
M.A., Physics & Engineering
Advanced Technology Applications

JIM GISSLER, B.B.A., Business Administration
Investor Relations

TROY BATHMAN, B.B.A., Business Administration
Investor Relations

MIKE LANFORD, Criminal Justice, Retired Military
Security Consultant

STEVE PARRIS, M. A., English
Marketing Consultant and Promotional & Technical Writer

RICHARD MACK, M.F.A., Graphic Design
Director Website, Simulations and Video

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